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Archive for July 2010

Take the WalkWise Pledge

Take the WalkWise Pledge and join the list of people who believe that pedestrian education and safety is important for both pedestrians and drivers.  Together we can help to make our communities safe for everyone. THE PLEDGE:  Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects all of us. […]

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Safety Tips for Drivers

Be Alert: Watch for Pedestrians at all Times Scan the road and the sides of the road ahead for potential pedestrians. Before making a turn, look in all directions for pedestrians crossing. Don’t drive distracted or after consuming alcohol or other drugs. Do not use your cell […]

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Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Be safe and be seen: make yourself visible to drivers •Wear bright/light colored clothing and reflective materials. •Carry a flashlight when walking at night. •Cross in a well-lit area at night. •Stand clear of buses, hedges, parked cars or other obstacles before crossing so drivers can see […]

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WalkWise Tampa Bay

A grassroots initiative is providing innovative pedestrian safety education  to the citizens of  the Tampa Bay area.  Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects everyone.  We are all pedestrians at some point during our day, whether walking through a parking lot after shopping, walking from home or work to a vehicle, walking […]

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