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Take the WalkWise Pledge

Take the WalkWise Pledge and join the list of people who believe that pedestrian education and safety is important for both pedestrians and drivers.  Together we can help to make our communities safe for everyone.


Pedestrian safety is an issue that affects all of us.   Whether it’s a stroll around the corner, to a friend’s house or a walk to work, or simply as exercise, Tampa Bay residents and visitors love to walk and should do so safely.  Walking is not just an exercise, it affects our health, it’s good for the environment, and it improves our quality of life.  We are all pedestrians as some point during our day. We can all work together to make our communities safe and enjoyable for everyone.

Therefore, I pledge to WalkWise and spread the word about the importance of pedestrian safety to my friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and others who cross my path.